After more than 10 years of close cooperation, we have established that our activities have departed so much in recent years that it is time to put an end to the ‘umbrella’ under which we have carried out these activities.

GE SHARP has been (for a time also with Sipke Hoekstra) an idealistic full-service organization, in which we have tried for a diverse group of customers, as well as varied work.

With the launch of our new name and corporate identity earlier last year, we opted for a more focused activities and range. Hannes focused entirely on the agency and Guido assisted creatives in planning and recruiting resources, more and more also outside the performing arts.

We have come a long way together and we have all really been able to develop from GE SHARP. With sweet pain, we are separating our ways in business here. The name GE SHARP follows Guido, whom you can turn to for help with new, exciting, creative projects. The agency continues with Hannes under the name: De Vries Artists (DVA).


We want to thank everyone who has used our partnership in recent years very much for their confidence. We hope that we continue to see everyone at concerts/performances or elsewhere on route to other great projects.

All the best,


Guido and Hannes